MHHS Alumni Network


Mission Hills High School Alumni Network

MHHS is always looking for ways for our Grizzlies to connect with other Grizzlies, for things such as college and career advice, ways for you to give back and stay connected to MHHS, and much more!

 If you graduated from MHHS, please complete this brief survey.

Please share with any other MHHS alumni.

MHHS Alumni Network Survey

(to complete this survey, you can either click the link above or complete the form within this website below)

Thank you!

Once A Grizzly, Always a Grizzly!

If you have any questions about this survey, please email Mrs. Cherryl Baker, MHHS Counselor, at [email protected]

Please know that the information we collect on this survey will not be made public on the web or shared publicly.