Prom 2019

Prom 2019
Posted on 05/14/2019


Saturday, June 1, 2009
8 pm - 11 pm
Sea World

Please print and sign this Prom Agreement:
Prom Agreement 2019.pdf

In order to attend this dance you must:
1. Read and return this sheet signed by you and your parent/guardian.
2. Get this form initialed by one of the library staff to show you do not have any overstanding fines.
3. If bringing a guest (Non-MHHS student) complete the back page.
“I understand that, as a condition of entry, all purses, bags, other containers, jackets and coats will be searched by school or security personnel to ensure
that prohibited items are not brought into the dance. Students and guests may also be subject to a light pat-down search. By signing below, expressly consent
to these searches. I also understand that school and security personnel will search students and guests at any time during the dance if there is reasonable
suspicion to believe that they are under the influence of a controlled substance or in possession of prohibited Items. Any student caught using or under the
influence of a controlled substance will be suspended, and will not be able to attend dances for the remainder of the year. Additionally, the student may be
subject to arrest. Mission Hills High is not responsible for lost or stolen items.”
Student Expectations:
1. Dancing may not be sexually explicit. No back to front dancing. Offenders will immediately be referred to an
administrator for disciplinary action and may be asked to leave the dance. If a student is asked to leave, their parents will
be called and no refund of money will be given.
2. Each student and guest must present his/her picture ID at the door.
3. Tickets are not refundable and may not be transferred to any other person. In cases of extreme hardship an exception
may be made by the ASB Director / Administrator.
4. Students will not be permitted to bring in outside food or beverage, in any type of container.
5. There will be absolutely no possession or use of alcohol or any type of drug before or at a school dance. All
students may be required to submit to a breathalyzer / sobriety test.
6. Any student caught using or under the influence or in possession of a controlled substance will be
suspended (per school board policy), and will not be able to participate in any school activities during the time
he/she is suspended and will not be allowed to attend dances for the remainder of the year. Additionally, the
student may be subject to arrest. Parent/guardians will be called and required to come pick up their student.
7. Once students have entered the dance, they will not be permitted to leave and enter again.
8. All students bringing a guest must submit a guest pass before purchasing their tickets. All guests MUST
present a picture I.D. at the door. All guests must be 20 years old or younger. No exceptions.
9. No inappropriate touching and kissing.
10. No student will be admitted after 9:00 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made by an Assistant Principal.
11. Any guest or former student who has been expelled or transferred to continuation school may not attend.
12. Once a student has left the dance, Mission Hills High School is no longer responsible for supervising them
or their actions. Students must leave the event site within 30 minutes of the end of the dance.
13 . Tickets will not be sold the Friday before the dance or on the day of the dance.
14. School dress code applies. Formal wear is expected. No props, costumes, or masks.

I have read the above rules and will obey them while at this dance. I understand that if I break the rules
outlined in this contract I may be removed from the dance and my parent/guardian will be required to pick me up.

Students bringing guests to the Mission Hills High School dance must abide by the following regulations.
Guest must attach a copy of their photo ID to this contract and show photo identification at the dance.
Submit this completed form to an Assistant Principal at least 4 days prior to the dance/event.
Student must enter and leave with guests.
MHHS students are responsible for the behavior of their guest. MHHS reserves the right to remove a guest at any time.
No more than one guest will be allowed per student.
Guest must not be a person who has unresolved or continuing conflicts with MHHS or other schools.
Guest must abide by all student expectations listed on the dance contract including the MHHS alcohol/drug policy.
Each pass is verified for accuracy. Any forged signature will result in forfeit of dance/event attendance by MHHS student
and guest. The MHHS student will receive ineligibility and/or suspension and no refund.
Guest must be under 20 years of age. Middle school students are not permitted to attend.

MHHS Student Information:
Name: _______________________________Grade: _________________________________
Student ID# __________________________ Home Phone # ___________________________
GUEST Information:
Name: _______________________________ School: ________________________________
Address: _____________________________School Address: ____________________
Age: __________ High School: _________ College: _______ Does not attend school: _______
As a guest at Mission Hills High School’s dance, I understand that I am under the jurisdiction of the school and must
follow all rules. Failure to do so may be grounds for my removal from this event and will jeopardize my date’s
opportunity to attend all future Mission Hills High School activities.
Guest Signature_______________________________________
Adult emergency contact available the night of the dance/event (Guest information only)
Name: ________________________________ Home Phone #:______________________
Mission Hills High School Student’s Parent:
I understand that my son/daughter will be taking a non-MHHS guest to this dance/event and that a guest’s poor
behavior can result in consequences for my student.
MHHS Parent’s Name ________________________ Signature __________________ Date ___________
MHHS Student Signature _______________________________Date _____________
Principal, Assistant Principal or Administrator of Guest’s school:→ Please attach business card
I acknowledge the guest has an acceptable behavior record at our school and should therefore be eligible for the
MHHS event.
Administrator’s Signature ___________________________ Date __________________
MHHS Administrator’s Signature _________________________ Date _____________
Completed forms must be returned to the Assistant Principal’s Office.
Application will not be accepted after the due date, no exceptions.