The Grizzly Way High Standards in a Nurturing Environment
G1 // Academically Prepared    G2 // Creative and Productive   G3 //  Connected to the Community

Happening Now! 

For safety, health, and sanitation reasons, the front office does not accept any deliveries of food or personal items. If you are delivering an item, please plan on signing in at the front desk and waiting for your student during  Break or Lunch only. Outside food deliveries (Grubhub, Door Dash, etc.) are not permitted at MHHS at any time. 

Important Dates 
Pep Rally // January 24th
Club Rush // January 30th
Grizzly Picnic// January 31st
Winter Dance // February 8th
Pep Rally // February 13th
Presidents' Day Holiday-No School // February 14-17
Shadow a Grizzly Day // March 3

Athletics Information

Winter Sports Schedules
Boys Basketball // 1/21 vs Canyon Crest.  1/24 vs San Marcos.
Girls Basketball //  1/21 vs Canyon Crest. 1/24 vs San Marcos.
Boys Soccer //  1/21 vs Canyon Crest.  1/23 vs Carlsbad.
Girls Soccer //  1/21 vs Canyon Crest.  1/23 vs Carlsbad. 
Girls Water Polo //  1/21 vs Valley Center. 1/23 vs Carlsbad.  
Wrestling //  1/23  vs LCC & CC.  1/25 vs San Pasqual. 
Girls Wrestling//  1/24 Tournament Mar Vista.  1/25 Tournament Valley Center.

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