Journalism 1 (P)
Grade level: 9-12, Repeatable 
Prerequisite: none
A-G Designation: F - Visual and Performing Arts Elective 


Publications Journalism 1 is a year long project-based course designed to have students study and create publication mediums that directly impact society and its various cultures, through visual art and design.

Students will study and demonstrate an understanding of the artistic processes of photo composition, typography and page/graphic design in conjunction with effective writing to deliver an intended message. Students will prove their awareness of their artistic choices while meeting the needs of their target audience and maintaining integrity of their design, photographs, edits and written work.

They will collaborate to effectively create, market and deliver a finished product.

To apply, please email the adviser and speak with your counselor. Applications are accepted from Feb-May of the year prior.
Journalism 2 (P)
Grade level: 10-12, Repeatable
Prerequisite: Journalism 1 (P)
A-G Designation: G - College Prep Elective
(pending F)

Journalism 2 is a year-long course for students in grades 10-12 that concentrates on media skills in Design, Visual, and Media Arts. The course produces weekly online journalism, quarterly print media, audio-visual projects, photography, and advertising for a readership of several thousand persons. Journalism 2 trains students to design projects in the Adobe Suite rich in facts, photography, standards-based writing, visual appeal, and rich media (infographic, video, photo galleries, online links). Students employ DSLR cameras, Adobe Creative Suite software, Wordpress, online production tools (Trello, Pinterest, Slack) as they collaborate and submit their projects to media competitions at county, state, and national events.

Design training throughout the year teaches students in color, typography, photography composition, layout, and classic design principles (balance, alignment, space, and flow, etc). Students also analyze professional journalism and media throughout the year and adapt their work after such professional visual designs. 

This course is usually comprised of selected Editors and Managerial staff elected by the prior year's staff.  This class is also taken by any students who are joining journalism for a second, third, or even fourth year. 

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