Incoming Freshman: Summer Bridge Opportunity

Incoming Freshman: Summer Bridge Opportunity
Posted on 05/06/2019
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Mission Hills High School is proud to offer a Summer Bridge program designed for incoming freshmen students. This program is meant to help our students successfully transition from middle school to ninth grade, enhancing areas such as academic achievement and skills, enthusiasm, motivation and school connectedness, higher self-esteem, and promoting positive behaviors on campus. During this time on campus, students will be introduced to school staff and facilities, receive an introduction to ninth grade course work (math and English) and various success strategies on managing the demands and rigor of high school. Students who attend, and follow through, with the Summer Bridge program leave feeling ready and confident for the first day of school; they arrive knowing they are supported by both teacher and peer. Please consider having your student join us for Summer Bridge 'Class of 2023'.

Summer Bridge Dates/Time:

Monday 8/5/19 through Friday 8/9/19; 8am – 12pm

Sign Up:

There is limited space available. To sign your student up for this opportunity, please complete the attached form providing us student name, ID number and parent email. You will be notified by email at the end of June with more specifics.

Summer Bridge Sign Up