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Hi Parents & Students,


We know the school year will be wrapping up soon, and many families are looking for meaningful ways to spend their summer. As such, I wanted to make you aware of some complimentary resources AcceptU is offering families from SCHOOL NAME.


Download SAT and/or ACT practice exam(s):


Access to an on-demand course, "Applying to College," developed by former college admissions officers:


Watch a recording of a recent workshop, Writing a Standout College Essay:


If you have any questions about any of these resources, please contact AcceptU directly at


Thank you




SAT Prep Academy



Summer Volunteer Opportunity

Please forward to any teachers or counselors who may have students interested in our Summer Program.


Calling all 16 and 17 year old’s . . . Kaiser Permanente’s 
Junior Summer Program is now accepting applications!


This 8-week summer program will run from June 17th  through August 9th.


Students in the program will be trained to serve as a Medical Center or Medical Office Guest Guide. In this role, they will offer directions, answer common questions, escort patients and provide wheelchair assistance to those in need. Each student will be partnered with an experienced volunteer who will provide mentorship, encouragement and support.

If students demonstrate enthusiasm, reliability, good customer service skills and initiative during this time, they will be invited to continue as a permanent volunteer and will have opportunities to explore other volunteer positions.


Locations will include our two hospital locations: San Diego Medical Center, Zion Medical Center and 
the following Medical Office Buildings: San Marcos & Otay Mesa.


Summer Volunteer Opportunity - Kaiser

Here you will find links to the presentations and resources provided at College Knowledge Night that took place on April 17, 2018.

Aquí encontrara un enlace a las presentaciones y recursos educativos que se mencionaron en La Noche de Colegios que se llevo acabo el 17 de abril, 2018 en la escuela SMHS.

College Knowledge - English


ACT - Accommodations and English Learner Supports

Adaptaciones y Apoyos Para los Estudiantes de Inglés

Es un sitio web gratuito que ayuda a los estudiantes a mejorar las calificaciones en exámenes estandarizados como ASVAB, SAT y ACT. Es patrocinado por el Ejército, pero los reclutadores no contactarán a los estudiantes a menos que lo autoricen. Hay un portal de educadores para rastrear a los estudiantes y su éxito.