Notes from the Library and Textbook Office

Library Hours

7am-4pm (M-Th) & 7am-3:30 (Fri)

Please Note: The textbook office is open only by appointment. Teachers can email us to arrange a time to check out books and teacher resources.

Textbooks & Library Books: 

Please cover textbooks! Students will be charged the following for damages;

  • Water damage: $5.00
  • Binding (repairable): $5.00
  • Cover damage: $5.00
  • Broken Binding: Cost of book!
  • Mold: Cost of book!
  • Missing barcode $3.00
  • Pages missing or torn out: Cost of book!
  • Writing in book: $5.00
  • Lost: cost of book
  • Pages damaged $3.00 
  • Check the barcodes on the books. Make sure your students has the books on their Destiny account, they are responsible for returning the books on the list and will be charged a replacement cost of the book if the book is not returned.

  • It is a student’s responsibility to keep track of books and
  • Students may check their MHHS Destiny account by following the instructions on the library webpage, or they may stop by the library or textbook office anytime to check the books on their library and/or textbook accounts. 

All overdue books MUST be turned in and fines or lost books paid in full to buy dance tickets. 

If you have additional questions please visit the library.